New Releases For August 14, 2020

Fantastic Negrito
Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?

Fantastic Negrito - Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?

Two-time Grammy Award-winner Fantastic Negrito is back with his new album Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?. The release marks Fantastic Negrito’s most far-reaching work thus far, fusing elements of hip-hop, R&B, funk, soul, and rock ‘n roll into an incendiary synthesis all his own. Inspired by the socio-political albums coming from Black America in the late 1960s and ‘70s, the album sees Negrito exploring the struggle and complexities of mental health issues while continuing his long running lyrical examination of America’s increasingly broken social and political state of affairs.

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"I’m So Happy I Cry (Featuring Tank)"


  1. 1. Chocolate Samurai
  2. 2. I’m So Happy I Cry (Featuring Tank)
  3. 3. How Long?
  4. 4. Shigamabu Blues
  5. 5. Searching For Captain Save A Hoe (Featuring E-40)
  6. 6. Your Sex is Overrated (Featuring Masa Kohama)
  7. 7. These Are My Friends
  8. 8. All Up In My Space
  9. 9. Justice In America
  10. 10. King Frustration
  11. 11. Platypus Dipster

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 21
    Florence, Italy Fantastic Negrito at Teatro Romano di Fiesole
  • Jul 22
    Malmesbury, UK Womad Charlton Park 2021
  • Jul 22
    Gardone Riviera, Italy Fantastic Negrito at Anfiteatro Del Vittoriale
  • Jul 23
    Pordenone, Italy Fantastic Negrito at Parco San Valentino
  • Aug 06
    Crozon, France Festival du Bout du Monde 2021
  • Jan 20
    Milan, Italy Fantastic Negrito at Alcatraz
  • Jan 21
    Rome, Italy Fantastic Negrito at Orion
  • Jan 22
    Bologna, Italy Fantastic Negrito at Estragon
  • Jan 24
    Paris, France Fantastic Negrito at La Cigale
  • Feb 02
    London, UK Fantastic Negrito at Jazz Cafe
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