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FaltyDL - Hardcourage

Welcome if you will, to the coming of age of FaltyDL, AKA Drew Lustman. A producer who's already carved out a name as one of the most exciting talents to emerge in electronic music of late, he's released albums on Planet Mu, supported Radiohead, as well as remixed the XX, Scuba and Mount Kimbie - to name but a few.

He also has his own label, Blueberry Records, in collaboration with which Ninja Tune presents Hardcourage. Hardcourage is the NYC-based Lustman's masterpiece: an electronic opus inspired by love and crafted with renewed intent and dedication.

TAGS: Electronic

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"She Sleeps (Featuring Ed Macfarlane)"


  1. 1. Stay I'm Changed
  2. 2. She Sleeps (Featuring Ed Macfarlane)
  3. 3. Straight & Arrow
  4. 4. Uncea
  5. 5. For Karme
  6. 6. Finally Some Shit / The Rain Stopped
  7. 7. Kenny Rolls One
  8. 8. Korben Dallas
  9. 9. Re Assimilate
  10. 10. Bells