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Explorer Tapes
Explorer Tapes

Explorer Tapes - Explorer Tapes

The story of Explorer Tapes is a classic tale of popular music. Two lifelong friends in Dallas/Fort Worth decide to start a band and drive to Los Angeles with the hope of getting signed to a publishing company, a record label, or even better, both. Not long after reaching L.A., Max Townsley and Drew Erickson signed a publishing deal with Warner/Chappell Music. The duo then had the good fortune of having Keith Urban record their song “Texas Time,” and were soon signed to Warner Records. With producer Mike Elizondo, the guys spent the next few weeks putting their self-titled debut together and were ready to roll in January 2015. But, after unforeseen circumstances, including a regime change at the label, the record stayed on the shelf at Warners for over six years, with no release in sight… until now.

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"Texas Time"


  1. 1. All Depends On You
  2. 2. Texas Time
  3. 3. A Good Friend Is Hard To Find
  4. 4. Julia
  5. 5. Kids These Days
  6. 6. Washed Away
  7. 7. Change Looks Good On You
  8. 8. Radio
  9. 9. Everybody’s Crazy
  10. 10. More Than A Song Can Say
  11. 11. Easy To Love
  12. 12. Wouldn’t Change A Thing
  13. CD-Only Bonus Tracks:
  14. 13. Sunset Strip
  15. 14. Still Love Lindsay