New Releases For August 6, 2013


Exhumed - Necrocracy

With over two decades of gruesome grinding under the belts, you might think that Exhumed would be ready to slow down. You'd be deathly wrong. Necrocacy is Exhumed's political manifesto for a new dark day - no democracy, no equal rights, no freedom of choice - bow down to your one true master: the saw.

Nine sickening new tracks of prime Exhumed gore - blazing guitars, filthy vocals and obscene blasting drums. Quite possibly their finest hour, as the years roll by Exhumed refuse to mellow. This is a band that stinks like the rotting flesh of a nation waiting for revolution: vote Necrocracy Party 2013!

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"Coins Upon The Eyes"


  1. 1. Coins Upon The Eyes
  2. 2. The Shape Of Deaths To Come
  3. 3. Necrocracy
  4. 4. Dysmorphic
  5. 5. Sickened
  6. 6. (So Passes) The Glory Of Death
  7. 7. Ravening
  8. 8. The Carrion Call
  9. 9. The Rotting

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 10
    Jaroměř, Czech Republic Brutal Assault 2021
  • Aug 19
    Francavilla, Italy Frantic Fest 2021
  • Aug 26
    Andernach, Germany Death Feast Open Air 2021
  • Aug 27
    Helsinki, Finland Helsinki Death Fest 2021
  • Aug 27
    Malmö, Sweden Malmö Massacre 2021
  • Sep 03
    Wetter, Germany Masters of the Unicorn 2021
  • Sep 04
    Nieuw Schoonebeek, Netherlands Schoonebeek Deathfest 2021
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