New Releases For June 28, 2019

Evan Hatfield
Raga Mala EP

Evan Hatfield - Raga Mala EP

Out now on World-influenced electronic record label Pinkturban is a magical debut EP by Pinkturban’s official sitar player, Evan Hatfield. “Raga Mala” (meaning a mixture of Indian ragas) features the Indian string instruments, esraj and sitar, combined with deep drums and bass in a 111bpm medley that might make you feel like reality is melting around you. Following it up is “Magic Flute” which offers the soothing sounds of Native American flute by Kat Special.

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"Raga Mala (Original Mix)"


  1. 1. Raga Mala (Original Mix)
  2. 2. Magic Flute (Original Mix)
  3. 3. Raga Mala (Goldcap Remix)

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