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Etran Finatawa
The Sahara Sessions

Etran Finatawa - The Sahara Sessions

The Sahara Sessions was recorded deep in the desert sheltered only by an animal-skin tent and the vast canopy of midnight stars. Etran Finatawa played their guitars and sang straight from the heart, each poignant song and every slap of the calabash drum articulating the deep-set divisions in the Sahel region that are threatening their Nomad way of life and the rich cultures of Niger.

Divining their solution to these issues, Etran Finatawa celebrate their diverse heritage and call for its preservation to be a priority for Nigeriens and listeners the world over.

'it can feel as though the music is being made right in the room with you' (7.1) - Pitchfork

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"Icheraid Azaman"


  1. 1. Matinfa
  2. 2. Gonga Timouhar
  3. 3. Icheraid Azaman
  4. 4. Wa Oyan A Wa Imouss I Bastila
  5. 5. An Mataf Germanawen
  6. 6. Eldam
  7. 7. Ahewalan
  8. 8. Bakuba
  9. 9. Atherkal
  10. 10. Djojaréré
  11. 11. Issuad
  12. 12. Is Ler Is Salan
  13. 13. In De Hallad
  14. 14. Im Raharan
  15. 15. Taborilit
  16. 16. Toumast