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Ethel - Documerica

Documerica, originally a multimedia concert presentation that premiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 2013, powerfully presented by the string quartet Ethel and taking the same name as the 1972-77 Documerica project, in which the then newly formed Environmental Protection Agency asked 70 freelance photographers to travel the U.S. with the edict to capture their impressions of Americans interacting with their environments. These eight compositions, both original and commissioned by Ethel provided the musical annotation to the backdrop of imagery and here stand alone brilliantly in this exuberant and visceral collection.

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"Epic Soda"


  1. 1. Epic Soda
  2. 2. The Simplicity Of Life: I. Swaying Of The Trees
  3. 3. Shout-out
  4. 4. Into The Liquid
  5. 5. Interlude I
  6. 6. II. Revival Crusade
  7. 7. III. The Simple Things
  8. 8. Factions
  9. 9. Pisachi (You See)
  10. 10. Interlude II
  11. 11. The Simplicity Of Life: IV. The Magical Quilt
  12. 12. I. Arcs
  13. 13. II. Points
  14. 14. III. Lines