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Ernie Kovacs
The Ernie Kovacs Album: Centennial Edition

Ernie Kovacs - The Ernie Kovacs Album: Centennial Edition

Grammy-nominated The Ernie Kovacs Album, originally released in 1976, was one of the first times both old and new generations could experience Kovacs. It appeared well over a decade after his tragic death. It contained almost all the “greatest hits” of his classic television bits and characters (like Percy Dovetonsils, Pierre Ragout, and J. Walter Puppybreath, to name a few). In celebration of The Ernie Kovacs Centennial celebration, the release, for the first time, is available on CD and Digital. It includes six previously unissued bonus tracks taken from ABC Radio and Kovacs Unlimited.

TAGS: Comedy | Live | Reissue

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"Pierre Ragout"


  1. 1. Tom Swift
  2. 2. J. Walter Puppybreath; Albert Gridley
  3. 3. World’s Strongest Man; Man’s Best Friend
  4. 4. Droongo ‘John’
  5. 5. Percy Dovetonsils (A) Ode To Stanley’s Pussycat (B) Ode To An Emotional Italian Knight
  6. 6. Mac The Knife (Theme From “The Threepenny Opera”) / Percy Dovetonsils: (A) Happy Birthday To A Bookwork (B) Cowboy
  7. 7. Strangely Believe Its
  8. 8. Pierre Ragout
  9. 9. Mr. Question Man
  10. 10. Uncle Buddy
  11. 11. Oddities In The News: Closing; “I’ve Had It… Arrivederci”
  12. Bonus Tracks:
  13. 12. Hot Nudniks (6/9/55 ABC Radio)*
  14. 13. Your Own Crime Syndicate (6/13/55 ABC Radio)*
  15. 14. Little Kapsuta Cyclotron Kit (6/13/55 ABC Radio)*
  16. 15. Choco-Spin Factory (From Kovacs Unlimited 1953)*
  17. 16. The Inch Worm (9/10/56)*
  18. 17. It’s Been Real*
  19. * Previously unissued