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Eric Hutchinson
Pure Fiction

Eric Hutchinson - Pure Fiction

2014 album from the acclaimed singer, songwriter, pianist and performer. Pure Fiction is Hutchinson's elegy to pop music, a place to fit all those melodies that are so comforting in their immediate hook, you could swear you heard them before.

Someone must have already raised the Gospel pleading of 'Forever' or the choral na-na's that herald 'Tell the World', the record's first single. It is a striking prologue to the album's underlying theme - holding on to the best moments in life and shamelessly shouting it from a mountain top.

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"Tell The World"


  1. 1. Tell The World
  2. 2. A Little More
  3. 3. Forever
  4. 4. I Got The Feeling Now
  5. 5. Goodnight Goodbye
  6. 6. Love Like You
  7. 7. I Don't Love U
  8. 8. Sun Goes Down
  9. 9. Forget About Joni (Acoustic)
  10. 10. Shine On Me (Acoustic)

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