New Releases For July 23, 2013

James Maddock
Another Life

James Maddock - Another Life

'James Maddock brews up a bright, rootsy sound with Another Life, an album that finds him crooning an old-school folk ballad one minute and rasping his way through a rusty-edged pop tune the next.' - American Songwriter

James Maddock affirms his status as a fixture in downtown Manhattan's folk and Americana scene with Another Life. As NPR says of the British transplant, 'his timeless songwriting style, which seems to draw from great songwriters of every era, conveys quiet confidence and lovely intimacy.'

Another Life bridges the mainstream appeal of songwriters like Jesse Harris and Norah Jones and the quirkier sensibility of Loudon Wainwright.

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"Another Life"


  1. 1. Another Life
  2. 2. Arizona Girl
  3. 3. Timing's Everything
  4. 4. I've Been There Too
  5. 5. That's Heavy
  6. 6. Leicestershire Mist
  7. 7. Easy To Give
  8. 8. Don't Go Lonely
  9. 9. What Have I Done
  10. 10. Strategies For Life
  11. 11. Better On My Own
  12. 12. If I Had A Son
  13. 13. Making Memories