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Emily Barker
A Dark Murmuration Of Words

Emily Barker - A Dark Murmuration Of Words

On A Dark Murmuration Of Words, UK folk singer Emily Barker searches out the invisible connections that shape a rapidly shifting modern world. Like the dark matter that makes up the bulk of the universe or the shape-shifting coordination of a flock of starlings at dusk, it’s the gaps of the unspoken, invisible, and unacknowledged where reality takes shape. Barker’s sixth full-length release, A Dark Murmuration Of Words is a timely exploration of climate change, racism, sexism, and myths of economic progress through the lens of what it means to return “home.”

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"The Woman Who Planted Trees"


  1. 1. Return Me
  2. 2. Geography
  3. 3. The Woman Who Planted Trees
  4. 4. Where Have The Sparrows Gone?
  5. 5. Strange Weather
  6. 6. Machine
  7. 7. When Stars Cannot Be Found
  8. 8. Ordinary
  9. 9. Any More Goodbyes
  10. 10. Sonogram

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 12
    Banbury, UK Fairport's Cropredy Convention 2021
  • Sep 03
    Moseley, UK Moseley Folk & Arts Festival 2021
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