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Today's modern day composer can work in many different areas of sound with one click of a mouse. This is the single most influential factor in Emika's artistic development. Thrilled by the means and ways technology offers to shape song writing, she chose a software studio as her instrument throughout her musical education and beyond. While Emika's approach to composition evolved, she worked with Berlin's legendary engineer Rashad Becker to craft the unique sound of her record. Already highly-rated by everyone from Mary-Anne Hobbs to Thom Yorke and covered by media outlets as varied Resident Advisor and The Guardian, the release of this, her eponymous debut album, is awaited with considerable anticipation.

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"Drop The Other"


  1. 1. 3 Hours
  2. 2. Common Exchange
  3. 3. Professional Loving
  4. 4. Be My Guest
  5. 5. Count Backwards
  6. 6. Double Edge
  7. 7. Pretend
  8. 8. The Long Goodbye
  9. 9. Fm Attention
  10. 10. Drop The Other
  11. 11. Come Catch Me
  12. 12. Credit Theme

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