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Emika - DVA

DVA is a language, a form of personal expression that comes from and ends with the creative spirit. Produced exclusively by Emika with executive producer Hank Shocklee by her side, every song is inspired by a different dimension of oppression and the challenges of a present day creator with the courage to define a space where artistic expression lives free.

Emika lays out her raw emotion for the world to see on a record that is as comfortable in a dark, electronic dance club as it is on a contemporary music stage.

TAGS: Electronic

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  1. 1. Hush (Interlude)
  2. 2. Young Minds
  3. 3. She Beats
  4. 4. Filters
  5. 5. After The Fall
  6. 6. Sing To Me
  7. 7. Dem Worlds
  8. 8. Primary Colours
  9. 9. Sleep With My Enemies
  10. 10. Wicked Game
  11. 11. Fight For Your Love
  12. 12. Mouth To Mouth
  13. 13. Searching
  14. 14. Centuries
  15. 15. Criminal Gift
  16. 16. Murmer (Bonus Track) - Album Only

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