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Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith (Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition)

Elliott Smith - Elliott Smith (Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition)

When Elliott Smith's self-titled second album came out in 1995, it was ignored by the press but championed by artists from the Beastie Boys to Fugazi. To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Elliott Smith, the Kill Rock Stars label has releaseed this special deluxe package, which includes a new remastering of the original record; a coffee table book of previously unseen photographs by JJ Gonson with handwritten lyrics, reminiscences from Smith's friends and colleagues, and previously unseen photographs; and a bonus disc documenting the earliest known recording of Smith performing as a solo act. The set is a revelatory look at an under-appreciated work by an artist whose influence continues to expand seventeen years after his death.

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"Big Decision"


  1. CD ONE:
  2. 1. Needle In The Hay
  3. 2. Christian Brothers
  4. 3. Clementine
  5. 4. Southern Belle
  6. 5. Single File
  7. 6. Coming Up Roses
  8. 7. Satellite
  9. 8. Alphabet Town
  10. 9. St. Ides Heaven
  11. 10. Good To Go
  12. 11. The White Lady Loves You More
  13. 12. The Biggest Lie
  14. CD TWO: Live At Umbra Penumbra - September 17th, 1994
  15. 1. Some Song
  16. 2. Alphabet Town
  17. 3. Whatever (Folk Song In C)
  18. 4. No Name #4
  19. 5. Big Decision
  20. 6. Condor Ave
  21. 7. No Name #1
  22. 8. No Confidence Man
  23. 9. Crazy Fucker
  24. 10. Half Right

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