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Elizabeth Cook

Elizabeth Cook - Aftermath

With Aftermath, Elizabeth Cook continues to write her way through catharsis by revisiting her most precious and painful memories. “Bones,” the psych rock-tinged barn-burner of an album opener, deals in truth vs. metaphor and “When She Comes” is a throwback to that brutal period after rehab when her “impending death on a hotel room floor” was the stuff of painful gossip. Aftermath has its rambunctious high points, too. Aftermath isn’t just regrowth, but the blossoming of Cook’s most honest exploration of herself in song yet - one that continues to teach her as she looks back on everything she poured into it.

TAGS: Americana | Rock

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  1. 1. Bones
  2. 2. Perfect Girls Of Pop
  3. 3. Bad Decisions
  4. 4. Daddy I Got Love For You
  5. 5. Bayonette
  6. 6. These Days
  7. 7. Stanley By God Terry
  8. 8. Half Hanged Mary
  9. 9. When She Comes
  10. 10. Thick Georgia Woman
  11. 11. Two Chords And A Lie
  12. 12. Mary The Submissing Years

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