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Elizabeth And The Catapult

Elizabeth And The Catapult - Keepsake

Elizabeth Ziman, who performs as Elizabeth And The Catapult, is a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter from New York, living and working in Brooklyn. Her songs have been featured in spots for Google, Amazon, Sky TV, and on So You Think You Can Dance. Always writing, Elizabeth has narrowed her vast collection of previously unrecorded material down to her fourth full-length studio album Keepsake, produced by Da Molad (Lucius) and featuring collaborations with Richard Swift of the Shins. Her most personal and cohesive record yet, Keepsake is about nostalgia and transformation, hope tempered with regret - it’s a distillation of her experience with memories over time shaping her perspective on reality.

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  1. 1. We Can Pretend
  2. 2. Underwater
  3. 3. Something More
  4. 4. Ambrosia
  5. 5. Magic Chaser
  6. 6. Mea Culpa
  7. 7. Method Acting
  8. 8. Better Days
  9. 9. Less Than You Think
  10. 10. Tread Carefully
  11. 11. Land Of Lost Things
  12. 12. Wishing Well

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