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Eliza Gilkyson

Eliza Gilkyson - Secularia

Secularia is a collection of spiritually charged songs that do not fit within the parameters of traditional religious beliefs, challenging us to embrace a more inclusive perspective, to respect all life and to be accountable for our actions in these divisive times. The album features a stunning performance with the internationally acclaimed Tosca String Quartet, vocal cameos by Shawn Colvin and gospel singer Sam Butler, and a duet with her friend, the late Jimmy LaFave, as well as two songs adapted from poetry written by her grandmother, Phoebe Hunter Gilkyson, co-written with Eliza’s father, folksinger Terry Gilkyson.

TAGS: Americana | Folk

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"Through The Looking Glass"


  1. 1. Solitary Singer
  2. 2. Lifelines
  3. 3. Conservation
  4. 4. In The Name Of The Lord
  5. 5. Dreamtime
  6. 6. Seculare
  7. 7. Reunion
  8. 8. Sanctuary
  9. 9. Through The Looking Glass
  10. 10. Emmanuelle
  11. 11. Down By The Riverside
  12. 12. Instrument

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