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Eliane Elias
Dance Of Time

Eliane Elias - Dance Of Time

Dance Of Time builds upon the success of the 2015 release Made In Brazil but delivers its own distinctive sound by providing a contemporary play on classic Brazilian songs from Elias' youth and musical career. Elias, once again wears many hats on Dance Of Time as producer, composer, lyricist, arranger, pianist and vocalist. Along with co-producers, Steve Rodby and Marc Johnson, her bass playing musical partner, Elias ventured “home” and recruited a splendid cast of Brazilian musicians.

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"Samba De Orly"


  1. 1. O Pato
  2. 2. A Habit With Me
  3. 3. Copacabana
  4. 4. Coisa Feita
  5. 5. By Hand
  6. 6. Sambou Sambou
  7. 7. Little Paradise
  8. 8. Speak Low
  9. 9. Samba De Orly
  10. 10. Na Batucada Da
  11. 11. An Up Dawn
  12. 12. Not To Cry

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