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Eli Paperboy Reed
Roll With You (Deluxe Remastered Edition)

Eli Paperboy Reed - Roll With You (Deluxe Remastered Edition)

Originally released in 2008, Roll With You is Eli Paperboy Reed’s debut album. 2018 marks the record’s 10th anniversary, and for the first time ever, Reed’s iconic album is available on CD and vinyl, complete with exclusive content, packaging, and bonus tracks. Roll With You is a vital, gospel-tinged mix of sweaty, up-tempo numbers and aching, lovelorn ballads that connect instantly thanks to the passion of Eli Paperboy Reed and his former band, the True Loves. Reed’s unmistakable soul-infused style is a must for long-time fans and newcomers alike.

TAGS: Americana | Blues | Funk | R&B | Soul

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"I’ll Roll With You"


  1. DISC ONE:
  2. 1. Stake Your Claim
  3. 2. Am I Wasting My Time
  4. 3. It’s Easier
  5. 4. The Satisfier
  6. 5. Take My Love With You
  7. 6. I’ll Roll With You
  8. 7. She Walks
  9. 8. I’m Gonna Getcha Back
  10. 9. Won't Give Up Without A Fight
  11. 10. (Am I Just) Fooling Myself
  12. 11. The Boom Boom
  13. DISC TWO:
  14. 1. Outside The Record Hop
  15. 2. Love Is A Five Letter Word
  16. 3. I’m Gonna Getcha Back (Original Demo)
  17. 4. Watching The Late, Late Show
  18. 5. It’s All Wrong (But It’s Alright)
  19. 6. Am I Wasting My Time (Original Demo)
  20. 7. We Belong Together
  21. 8. Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday
  22. 9. Won’t Give Up Without A Fight (Original Demo)
  23. 10. One Sweet Hello
  24. 11. The Boom Boom (Original Demo)
  25. 12. I’ll Roll With You (Original Demo)

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