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Eli Paperboy Reed
My Way Home

Eli Paperboy Reed - My Way Home

Eli Paperboy Reed has crafted a new album that is at once back-to-basics and startlingly current, embodying the classic gospel ethos that everything's going to work out fine if you keep the faith. It's a notion that turns up throughout the record and reflects Reed's resilient spirit in the face of disappointment. MOJO called the Boston-via-Mississippi singer the "king of rhythm & soul." Rolling Stone hailed his "classic soul and horn-heavy R&B soaked with the blues.” NPR raved that "he conveys the heart-wrenching emotion of Southern predecessors such as Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding."

TAGS: Americana | Blues | Funk | R&B | Soul

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"Cut Ya Down"


  1. 1. Hold Out
  2. 2. Your Sins Will Find You Out
  3. 3. Cut Ya Down
  4. 4. Movin'
  5. 5. Tomorrow's Not Promised
  6. 6. My Way Home
  7. 7. Eyes On You
  8. 8. The Strangest Thing
  9. 9. I'd Rather Be Alone
  10. 10. A Few More Days
  11. 11. What Have We Done

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