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Eli Paperboy Reed
Come And Get It!

Eli Paperboy Reed - Come And Get It!

Brooklyn-based soul singer Eli 'Paperboy' Reed will makes his major label debut on Capitol Records with Come And Get It!, an irrepressible, largely self-penned, 12-song set produced by Mike Elizondo. Reed proves to be the life of a soulful, sweaty party in which everyone eventually gets dragged onto the dance floor. As a performer, Reed approaches each song with nothing less than utter conviction. Admirers have likened him to such luminaries as Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett and Sam Cooke. But he's not merely trying to recreate a sound; Reed is channeling his influences and inspirations into making something all his own.

TAGS: Neo Soul | Pop | R&B | Soul

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"Come And Get It"


  1. 1. Young Girl
  2. 2. Name Calling
  3. 3. Help Me
  4. 4. Just Like Me
  5. 5. Come And Get It
  6. 6. Pick A Number
  7. 7. I Found You Out
  8. 8. Tell Me What I Wanna Hear
  9. 9. Time Will Tell
  10. 10. You Can Run On
  11. 11. Pick Your Battles
  12. 12. Explosion

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