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Eleni Mandell
Wake Up Again

Eleni Mandell - Wake Up Again

Inspired by her experience teaching songwriting at a women’s prison, Eleni Mandell’s 11th studio release, Wake Up Again, is a set of compelling musical portraits. From the dark, dreamy “Circumstance” to the noisy “Be Together,” and the jagged brutality of “What’s Your Handle,” the album highlights Eleni’s strengths as a writer going back to her start under the tutelage of Chuck E. Weiss, Tom Waits and other top chroniclers of people in the shadows. Wake Up Again is a probing look into the lives, the regrets and hopes of those she met, but ultimately also of her and us.

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"What's Your Handle (Radio Waves)"


  1. 1. Circumstance
  2. 2. Be Together
  3. 3. Just Herself
  4. 4. Evelyn
  5. 5. Box In A Box
  6. 6. Oh Mother
  7. 7. What's Your Handle (Radio Waves)
  8. 8. Empty Locket
  9. 9. Air
  10. 10. Ghost Of A Girl
  11. 11. Wake Up Again