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Electric Guest

Electric Guest - Mondo

Electric Guest is comprised of Asa Taccone and Cornbread (legally Matthew Compton). Asa plays several instruments, Cornbread nearly a dozen (including, to be fair, triangle and tambourine). Both began making music from a very young age, both initially self-taught.

Cornbread began on the drums, recalling life at 13, 'I wanted to learn every metal album that I owned: Metallica, Metal Church, Testament. I eventually started taking lessons from this guy that worked in the lumber department of Lowes.' He quickly became adept on the drums and toured nationwide with various bands until he tired of the dirty gypsy lifestyle as a tour drummer, settling in Los Angeles to work on music for commercials and movies.

Asa's start was even less conventional, buying his first keyboard while still in elementary school for 10 dollars from the kid who lived down the street.

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"This Head I Hold"


  1. 1. Holes
  2. 2. This Head I Hold
  3. 3. Under The Gun
  4. 4. Awake
  5. 5. Amber
  6. 6. The Bait
  7. 7. Waves
  8. 8. Troubleman
  9. 9. American Daydream
  10. 10. Control

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 12
    Santa Barbara, CA, US Electric Guest with Your Smith at SOhO Restaurant & Music Club
  • Nov 13
    San Diego, CA, US Electric Guest with Your Smith at Music Box
  • Nov 14
    Pomona, CA, US Electric Guest with Your Smith at The Glass House
  • Nov 20
    Mexico City, Mexico Festival Corona Capital 2021
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