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The Deconstruction

EELS - The Deconstruction

Eels have released the long-awaited The Deconstruction, a collection of lush, expansive songs that accentuate Mark Oliver Everett’s prodigious songwriting and musical ability. The Deconstruction was recorded with longtime collaborators Koool G Murder, P-Boo, and the Deconstruction Orchestra & Choir. As for Everett’s description of the album, “Here are 15 new Eels tracks that may or may not inspire, rock, or not rock you. The world is going nuts. But if you look for it, there is still great beauty to be found. Sometimes you don’t even have to look for it.”

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"Today Is The Day"


  1. 1. The Deconstruction
  2. 2. Bone Dry
  3. 3. The Quandary
  4. 4. Premonition
  5. 5. Rusty Pipes
  6. 6. The Epiphany
  7. 7. Today Is The Day
  8. 8. Sweet Scorched Earth
  9. 9. Coming Back
  10. 10. Be Hurt
  11. 11. You Are The Shining Light
  12. 12. There I Said It
  13. 13. Archie Goodnight
  14. 14. The Unanswerable
  15. 15. In Our Cathedral

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