New Releases For June 15, 2010

Ed Harcourt

Ed Harcourt - Lustre

Fifth full studio album and first in four years. A dazzling statement of intent and rejuvenation from this UK singer/songwriter who has yet to receive the acclaim he deserves. From the opening euphoria of 'Lustre' to the sunny yet subversive Beach Boys pop of 'Do as I Say,' this is the finest Ed Harcourt record yet.

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"Do As I Say Not As I Do"


  1. 1. Lustre
  2. 2. Haywired
  3. 3. Church of No Religion
  4. 4. Heart of a Wolf
  5. 5. Do As I Say Not As I Do
  6. 6. Killed By The Morning Son
  7. 7. Lachrymosity
  8. 8. A Secret Society
  9. 9. When the Lost Don't Want To Be Found
  10. 10. So I've Been Told
  11. 11. Fears of A Father

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