New Releases For January 13, 2017

EC3 & Niki Haris
Time And Rhyme

EC3 & Niki Haris - Time And Rhyme

A collaboration between two artists whose paths crossed for obvious make beautiful music together. This record is filled with rhythms and melodies that take you back to a special time and that introduces you to rhythms that fill your spirit. EC3 being the "time," Niki Haris being the "rhyme." Afro-Cuban straight ahead with a slight mix of contemporary. This is a must have.

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"Me & Mr. Jones"


  1. 1. Falling In Love With Love
  2. 2. If I Only Had A Brain
  3. 3. Stop, Look, Listen
  4. 4. Me & Mr. Jones
  5. 5. A Night In Tunisia
  6. 6. Throw It Away
  7. 7. Emily
  8. 8. Where Is Love
  9. 9. Swingin' At The Haven
  10. 10. Nice & Easy
  11. 11. Black Codes