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E G Holmes
Time To Rest

E G Holmes - Time To Rest

E G Holmes writes songs across a wide range of genres from fast paced pop tunes to heartfelt alternative as well as rock, blues, jazz, classical and more. At age 20, Holmes had a chance opportunity to connect with Steely Dan alum Donald Fagen who graciously reviewed a number of Holmes' recordings and provided well regarded songwriting advice. In 2009, he began collaborating with other artists and connected with David Foster discovery, singer David Vanden Enden. These days Holmes calls Bongo Boy Records home with his release of his second full length album titled, Time To Rest.

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"Whiskey Joe's (Featuring John Ruddle)"


  1. 1. Hot Blooded 4 U (Featuring David Vanden Enden)
  2. 2. Road Too Long
  3. 3. Mysterious (Featuring Karl Knutson)
  4. 4. Jamba Jambalaya (Featuring David Vanden Enden)
  5. 5. The Rumors (Featuring David Vanden Enden)
  6. 6. Time To Rest
  7. 7. Cool Changes (Featuring Rick Ellis)
  8. 8. Whiskey Joe's (Featuring John Ruddle)
  9. 9. Wash My Soul In The Summer Rain
  10. 10. Busted (Featuring David Vanden Enden)
  11. 11. Pills & Chardonnay (Featuring David Vanden Enden)
  12. 12. Plains Of My Heart (Featuring Inge Van Hulle)
  13. 13. Would You Stay If I Write You A Love Song (Featuring David Vanden Enden)
  14. 14. Tonight Everything Changes (Featuring David Vanden Enden)