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Dudley Taft
Simple Life

Dudley Taft - Simple Life

Clad in a black leather cowboy hat and sporting a long, pointed beard, Dudley Taft picks up his guitar, retrieves a pick from its headstock, and blazes through a collection of twelve tracks infused with rock n’ roll riffs, sonic textures and musical diversity. On his sixth solo album, Simple Life, the singer, songwriter, guitarist and former member of Seattle bands Sweet Water & Second Coming delivers contemplative songwriting between bouts of howling guitar and delicate delivery. There's plenty of swagger here, but also the sensitivity of a thoughtful songwriter. Taft is the thinking man's rocker.

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"Give Me A Song"


  1. 1. Give Me A Song
  2. 2. Simple Life
  3. 3. I Can't Live Without You
  4. 4. In Your Way
  5. 5. Don't Let Them Get Away
  6. 6. Death By Bliss
  7. 7. Bombs Away
  8. 8. If Heartaches Were Nickels
  9. 9. Never Fade
  10. 10. Pouring Down
  11. 11. Shine
  12. 12. Back To You