New Releases For January 29, 2013

The Flower Lane

Ducktails - The Flower Lane

Ducktails, is the increasingly less 'solo' endeavor of Matt Mondanile [guitarist from Real Estate].

The Flower Lane, is the project's fourth album. Recorded and mixed over the summer of 2012 with Al Carlson [Peaking Lights, Oneohtrix Point Never] and includes contributions from members of Big Troubles, Oneohtrix Point Never, Ford Lopatin, Real Estate and Cults. Includes a stunning cover of Clean/Chills member Peter Gutteridge's 'Planet Phrom.'

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"The Flower Lane"


  1. 1. Ivy Covered House
  2. 2. The Flower Lane
  3. 3. Undercover
  4. 4. Timothy Shy
  5. 5. Planet Phrom
  6. 6. Assistant Director
  7. 7. Sedan Magic
  8. 8. International Date Line
  9. 9. Letter Of Intent
  10. 10. Academy Avenue

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