New Releases For January 27, 2015

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - Medicine

For Nashville based, Memphis born Drew Holcomb, “music is medicine” and it seems only fitting that along with his band the Neighbors - wife Ellie (vocals, guitar), Nathan Dugger (guitar, keys) and Rich Brinsfield (bass) - the group will celebrate a decade long career with the release of their new full-length studio album Medicine via his own imprint Magnolia Music. Recorded over nine days at Joe Pisapia’s Middletree Studios in East Nashville, the twelve song album was co-produced by Pisapia and the band and tackles issues of everyday life including loyalty, hardship, marriage, friendship, alienation and faith.

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"Shine Like Lightning"


  1. 1. American Beauty
  2. 2. Tightrope
  3. 3. Here We Go
  4. 4. Shine Like Lightning
  5. 5. Avalanche
  6. 6. Heartbreak
  7. 7. You’ll Always Be My Girl
  8. 8. Sisters Brothers
  9. 9. The Last Thing We Do
  10. 10. Ain’t Nobody Got It Easy
  11. 11. I’ve Got You
  12. 12. When It’s All Said And Done

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 18
    Birmingham, AL, US Euphonious Festival 2021
  • Jul 22
    Kingsport, TN, US Fun Fest 2021
  • Sep 11
    Chattanooga, TN, US Moon River Music Festival 2021
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