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Into The Pink

Dramathan - Into The Pink

Into The Pink is a nonstop tidal wave of raw energy and emotion, covering the entire spectrum of love and passion in their many various incarnations. Washed out bliss and angsty fuzz interweave with one another to create a dynamic surf pop/beach punk sound that is unique even by today’s alt-rock standards. Mighty layers of fluid guitar melodies and thick vocal harmonies ride upon the skeleton of heavy drums and cymbals “like a devil on a board on a half shell.” “It’s about moving into the house of love, planting your feet firmly and saying, ‘It took me too long to get here and I’m not leaving without a fight.’”

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"Into The Pink"


  1. 1. Into The Pink
  2. 2. On A Wave
  3. 3. Bad Mood Rising
  4. 4. LA Water
  5. 5. Lily Of The Valley
  6. 6. Fire
  7. 7. Heartbreaker
  8. 8. Bitchcraft
  9. 9. Glaze
  10. 10. Dead Star
  11. 11. CA Widow
  12. 12. Power Trip
  13. 13. Cruising