New Releases For May 25, 2010

Dr. Lonnie Smith

Dr. Lonnie Smith - Spiral

The Doctor is back doing his funky jazz thing... this time with his touring trio of Jonathan Kreisberg and Jamire Williams. This band is tight and playing standard jazz tunes in a not so standard way. They'll be out touring in support of this release, so do yourself a favor and get out to see the master at work.

Dr. Lonnie Smith is internationally known as one of the premier jazz keyboardists in the history of the idiom. A dominant talent and pace-setting proponent of the Hammond B3 Organ, Dr. Lonnie Smith has been at the forefront of the jazz scene since 1969 when he was first named Top Organist by Downbeat Magazine.

TAGS: Jazz

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"Mellow Mood"


  1. 1. Mellow Mood
  2. 2. I've Never Been In Love Before
  3. 3. Frame For the Blues
  4. 4. I Didn't Know What Time It Was
  5. 5. Sweet & Lovely
  6. 6. Spiral
  7. 7. Beehive
  8. 8. Sukiyaki

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