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Doxas Brothers
The Circle

Doxas Brothers - The Circle

Few bonds are deeper than the one forged between two brothers. On The Circle, Canadian jazz explorers Jim and Chet Doxas celebrate this bond by delving into the musical worlds that they have been exploring together since they were children. It represents their upbringing in a musical home, their years spent on the Montreal jazz scene, and their arrival onto jazz stages around the world. The Doxas Brothers represents two musicians with a deep bond sharing their vision in a quartet setting - featuring Adrian Vedady on bass and pianist Marc Copland.

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"A Word From The Wise"


  1. 1. Uno A La Vez
  2. 2. Temporal
  3. 3. Fourteen Daughters
  4. 4. Old Sport
  5. 5. A Word From The Wise
  6. 6. Objets Nécessaires
  7. 7. Joan’s Song
  8. 8. Another Soap Box
  9. 9. Goodbye