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Doug Sahm
Hell Of A Spell (Reissue)

Doug Sahm - Hell Of A Spell (Reissue)

This 1980 reissue is a hell of a disc. From the opening riffs Hell Of A Spell is crammed with Sahm's typical rompin' and stompin' Texas blues/rhythm & blues mix. It also includes liberal dashes of the Tex-Mex and rockabilly he grew up cutting his teeth on.

As legend goes, Rudy 'Tutti' Grayzell used to go to Doug's school when Sahm was 11 to pose as his uncle and pull the musical prodigy out of school to play some of the gigs that required travel.

This compilation is dedicated to one of his heroes, Eddie Jones, better known as Guitar Slim.

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: May 19, 2014 ON Fuel

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"Hell Of A Spell"


  1. 1. Tunnel Vision
  2. 2. Ain't Into Lettin' You Go
  3. 3. All The Way To Nothing
  4. 4. Hangin' On By A Thread
  5. 5. I'll Take Care Of You
  6. 6. The Things That I Used To Do
  7. 7. I Don't Mind At All
  8. 8. Nothin' But The Blues
  9. 9. Hell Of A Spell
  10. 10. Can't Fake It
  11. 11. Next Time You See Me

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