New Releases For August 6, 2013

Lady Of The Stars

Donovan - Lady Of The Stars

The first official re-release of this classic recording from 1984. Produced by former Atlantic Records VP, Jerry Wexler, Lady of The Stars, has been a long, sought after, out of print collection.

Featuring updated versions of his classic hits including 'Sunshine Superman,' and 'Season of The Witch.' Includes guest appearances by Graham Nash, Bonnie Bramlet, Wilton Felder, and Dave Mason. With extensive liner notes plus 2 bonus live tracks.

A classic re-issued and re-discovered

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"Lady Of The Stars"


  1. 1. Lady Of The Stars
  2. 2. I Love You Baby
  3. 3. Bye, Bye, Girl
  4. 4. Every Reason
  5. 5. Season Of The Witch
  6. 6. Boy For Every Girl
  7. 7. Local Boy Chops Wood
  8. 8. Sunshine Superman
  9. 9. Living For The Love Light
  10. 10. Till I See You Again
  11. 11. Catch The Wind
  12. 12. Hurdy Gurday Man