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Donna Ulisse
Showin' My Roots

Donna Ulisse - Showin' My Roots

It might seem surprising for a performer who's been nominated as IBMA's top songwriter for two successive years to be releasing a covers album, but in a sense, that's what Donna Ulisse has done with the exception of two songs. The rest form the bedrock of her musical heritage. From beginning to end, Showin' My Roots is as an extended love song to Ulisse's influences, and one that lovers of bluegrass and traditional country music are sure to enjoy. These timeless performances may well light a fire in generations to come. Produced by Bryan Sutton & Donna Ulisse.

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"I've Always Had A Song I Can Lean On"


  1. 1. Showin' My Roots
  2. 2. One Way Rider
  3. 3. Take This Hammer (Duet With Sam Bush)
  4. 4. How Mountain Girls Can Love
  5. 5. If That's The Way You Feel
  6. 6. Fist City
  7. 7. In The Good Old Days When Times Were Bad
  8. 8. Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus
  9. 9. Somebody Somewhere (Don't Know What He's Missing Tonight)
  10. 10. Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
  11. 11. I Hope You Have Learned
  12. 12. Send Me The Pillow You Dream On
  13. 13. I've Always Had A Song I Can Lean On

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