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Don Rich And The Buckaroos
Guitar Pickin' Man

Don Rich And The Buckaroos - Guitar Pickin' Man

Guitar Pickin’ Man showcases Rich’s skill and innovative playing by collecting 17 tracks from ten releases from Buck and The Buckaroos, and adding the previously unissued title track recorded for and during their time on the television classic, Hee Haw. Not just a perfect primer for the uninitiated, but also a fantastic aural journey for fans - Guitar Pickin’ Man features notes from Don’s sons Vance and Vic Ulrich as well as photos from their personal family collection. Experience the work of Buck Owens’ bandleader, friend, and musical trailblazer, Don Rich — the Guitar Pickin’ Man.

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"Guitar Pickin’ Man (Hee Haw Version)*"


  1. 1. Guitar Pickin’ Man (Hee Haw Version)*
  2. 2. Chaparral
  3. 3. Wham Bam
  4. 4. Bossa Nova Buckaroo Style
  5. 5. Out Of My Mind
  6. 6. I’m-A-Comin’ Back Home To You
  7. 7. Chicken Pickin’
  8. 8. Down At The Corner Bar
  9. 9. Hello California
  10. 10. Meanwhile Back At The Ranch
  11. 11. Take Care Of You For Me In Kansas City
  12. 12. Aw Heck
  13. 13. Number One Heel
  14. 14. You Bring Out The Best In Me
  15. 15. Happy Son Of A Gun
  16. 16. Ensenada
  17. 17. One More Time
  18. 18. Sally Was A Good Old Girl
  19. * Previously Unissued