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Don Ray Band
Full Throttle

Don Ray Band - Full Throttle

This is the Don Ray Band's third studio album. It was recorded at The NuttHouse studio in historic Sheffield, AL. and produced by Will McFarlane and Don Ray.

The Don Ray Band is an all original, Americana/Roots Rock band and is anchored by singer/songwriter Don Ray and Musician's Hall Of Fame guitarist, Will McFarlane (Bonnie Raitt, Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section). The band's musical collaborations are unique and have proven hard to put a single label on the results, which have been called everything from rockin' blues to southern rock to blue-eyed soul to rock 'n southern country roll by some of the nation's most notable music writers. One thing all of these writers have agreed upon, however, is that their albums are refreshingly original and a pleasure to listen to over and over again.

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"This Is Our House"


  1. 1. This Is Our House
  2. 2. Full Throttle
  3. 3. Daniels And Caine
  4. 4. Bad Decisions
  5. 5. Morningside Ave.
  6. 6. Suicide Girl
  7. 7. My Rush
  8. 8. Road To Nashville
  9. 9. All Get Together
  10. 10. The Clown

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