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Don Ray
Band Of Gypsies

Don Ray - Band Of Gypsies

After releasing four albums in the roots rock genre, Don Ray reaches back to his country roots to release his first Americana album. Band Of Gypsies pays respect to Don's late steel guitar playing father and features steel guitarist Tony Paoletta throughout the album. Also performing on the album is Musicians Hall of Fame guitarist, Will McFarlane. The duet “We Should Have Met” features Ms. Shaun Murphy, longtime background vocalist for Bob Seger and former lead singer with Little Feat. This is Don’s second album recorded in the Muscle Shoals area by Grammy award winning engineer Jimmy Nutt at his NuttHouse studio.

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"Band Of Gypsies"


  1. 1. Band Of Gypsies
  2. 2. Texas
  3. 3. His Steel Guitar
  4. 4. Something I Missed
  5. 5. The Heartland
  6. 6. My Old Friend
  7. 7. Earning My Wings
  8. 8. We Should Have Met
  9. 9. Natural Remedy
  10. 10. See You In Heaven
  11. 11. Sitting Here Loving You