New Releases For February 24, 2017


DispersE - Foreword

Progressive prodigies DispersE push onward evermore, and their new album Foreword sees them emerge as a force both bold and sublime. Elegant, gossamer melodies from man and machine stick like neural implants, while emerging guitar virtuoso Jakob Zytecki conceives riffs as intricate as circuitry. Stunning tracks such "Stay," "Surrender," "Bubbles," and "Tomorrow" radiate vivid hues of sound like a prism. Foreword is uplifting and inspirational, and sees DispersE take a bold step into the future.

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  1. 1. Stay
  2. 2. Surrender
  3. 3. Bubbles
  4. 4. Tomorrow
  5. 5. Tether
  6. 6. Sleeping Ivy
  7. 7. Does It Matter How Far?
  8. 8. Foreword
  9. 9. Neon
  10. 10. Gabriel
  11. 11. Kites

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