New Releases For September 23, 2014


Disciple - Attack

Disciple has recorded ten albums, played thousands of shows worldwide, headlined tours since the late 90's, and opened multiple times for the biggest artists in Christian music. They've sold hundreds of thousands of records and have fourteen #1 singles.

'Disciple started when I was 16,' says Kevin Young, 'so I'm somewhere between old and young. I know Disciple's been around for a long time... but it honestly doesn't FEEL like it's been as long as it has, and in a lot of ways I feel like we're just getting started.'


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  1. 1. Radical
  2. 2. Attack
  3. 3. Dead Militia
  4. 4. Scarlet
  5. 5. Unbroken
  6. 6. The Name
  7. 7. Angels & Demons
  8. 8. Lion
  9. 9. Yesterday
  10. 10. Kamikaze
  11. 11. Crazy
  12. 12. The Right Time