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Dirk Powell
When I Wait For You

Dirk Powell - When I Wait For You

Dirk Powell has achieved near legendary status in the international roots music scene. His bonds with Louisiana and with the mountains of Kentucky are unmistakable but so is his far-reaching vision and ability to translate the essence of tradition for modern audiences that need the timeless and sustaining messages that tradition brings. When I Wait For You blends his deep understanding of American roots music with a unique ability to weave traditional sounds into a contemporary musical tapestry. Donald Shaw (Capercaillie) produced the album which was recorded in Louisiana and Scotland and features special guests Rhiannon Giddens, Sara Watkins, Sean Watkins, Mike McGoldrick, and John McCusker.

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"I Ain't Playing Pretty Polly"


  1. 1. Everything Is Alright
  2. 2. Olivia
  3. 3. The Silk Merchant's Daughter
  4. 4. The Bright Light Of Day
  5. 5. Say Old Playmate
  6. 6. Let The Night Seize Me
  7. 7. The Little Things
  8. 8. Les Yeux De Rosalie
  9. 9. Jack Of Hearts
  10. 10. Ain't Never Fell
  11. 11. I Ain't Playing Pretty Polly
  12. 12. You Will Live Love
  13. 13. One Note