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Digitaldubs - #1

ROIR is excited to announce the release of the international debut by Brazilian reggae sensations Digitaldubs.

Digitaldubs were one of the first soundsystems in their native Rio de Janiero, Brazil. They're now one of the country's most respected acts, having revolutionized reggae culture in their homeland and brought the Brazilian reggae sound all over Latin America and Europe.

ROIR presents Digitaldubs' first US release, #1, which drops a wicked selection featuring singers, deejays, and, of course, killer dubs. The duo enlist such legendary vocalists as Ranking Joe, Earl Sixteen, and Brinsley Forde of Aswad, as well as Brazilian contributors Jeru Banto and Dada Yute to set fire to some crucial riddims.

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"Pirate's Game (Featuring Earl Sixteen)"


  1. 1. Transe AmazĂ´nica (Abrindo os Caminos)
  2. 2. Fyah Bun Dem (Featuring Ranking Joe)
  3. 3. Bandido De Gravata (Featuring Dada Yute)
  4. 4. Pirate's Game (Featuring Earl Sixteen)
  5. 5. Kaliman Dreams
  6. 6. Jah Me Guia I (Featuring Jeru Banto)
  7. 7. War And Crime (Featuring Dada Yute)
  8. 8. Dub Echoes Theme
  9. 9. Your Love Is Overdub (Featuring Brinsely Forde)
  10. 10. Liga Ligalize
  11. 11. Upbeat Vibes
  12. 12. Sigue Tu Instinto (Featuring Tiano Bless)
  13. 13. Justice And Equality (Featuring Ranking Joe)