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Diamond Rings
Free Dimensional

Diamond Rings - Free Dimensional

The masterful electro-pop wizard, Diamond Rings, transcends multiple eras and genres in his highly anticipated second studio album, Free Dimensional. This uniquely heartfelt album, coproduced by the Grammy-nominated Damien Taylor (Björk, the Killers), draws influence from the iconic new wave and glam musical movements at the same time as adding a new, contemporary sound that is sure to please listeners all over the world. Free Dimensional succeeds in being the perfect follow-up to Diamond Ring's critically acclaimed debut, proving that this unbelievably and uniquely talented artist is here to stay.

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"I'm Just Me"


  1. 1. Everything Speaks
  2. 2. All The Time
  3. 3. Run Away Love
  4. 4. Put Me On
  5. 5. I'm Just Me
  6. 6. Hand Over My Heart
  7. 7. (I Know) What I'm Made Of
  8. 8. A To Z
  9. 9. Stand My Ground
  10. 10. Day & Night

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