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Diamond Mine
Clover (Original Soundtrack)

Diamond Mine - Clover (Original Soundtrack)

Leon Michels, of El Michels Affair, and his equally prolific band members, Homer Steinweiss, Nick Movshon and Grammy-winning Michael Leonhart come together as the Diamond Mine for the original motion picture soundtrack to the crime-comedy film, Clover. The film follows two unlucky brothers who are in debt to a dangerous crime boss and must go on the run to save themselves and a seemingly innocent teenage girl. The soundtrack was recorded in true analog fashion - straight to 2-inch tape at the legendary Diamond Mine Studios in Long Island, New York.

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"Crimson And Clover (The Shacks)"


  1. 1. Wiley's Dance
  2. 2. Tony's Bar
  3. 3. Subway Chase
  4. 4. Tony's Killroom
  5. 5. Love Deluxe
  6. 6. Crimson And Clover (The Shacks)
  7. 7. C-Foam
  8. 8. Train Station
  9. 9. Wiley's Dead
  10. 10. Clover's End Theme
  11. 11. Angie's Dead
  12. 12. V&G Tony's Office