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Diabulus In Musica
Dirge For The Archons

Diabulus In Musica - Dirge For The Archons

If unbridled passion for classical music meets raw modern metal, the result is most certainly going to be Diabulus In Musica. The Spanish band is the biggest symphonic metal act their homeland has to offer, and the fivepiece has been storming Europe since 2010 and the debut Secrets. Two years after Argia, the fourth album Dirge for the Archons (Archon has been named as one of Atlantis` creators) travels with us to long lost worlds and thrills with the air of the nest operas, rough growls, epic choirs, orchestral intermezzi and pure metal. The mystical cover artwork comes courtesy of Heilemania (Lindemann, Epica, Kamelot).

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  1. 1. Battle Of Atlantis
  2. 2. Earthly Illusions
  3. 3. Marble Embrace
  4. 4. Invisible
  5. 5. Crimson Gale
  6. 6. Ring Around Dark Fairies’ Carousel
  7. 7. A Speck In The Universe
  8. 8. Hiding From You
  9. 9. The Voice Of Your Dreams
  10. 10. The Hawk’s Lament
  11. 11. Bane
  12. 12. The River Of Loss
  13. 13. Zaria