New Releases For August 24, 2018

This Night Falls Forever

DeVotchKa - This Night Falls Forever

This Night Falls Forever is DeVotchKa’s most ambitious album yet with more detailed arrangements, more people involved including full orchestras and an overall bigger sound. The band’s sixth studio album features 10 tracks written and produced by front man Nick Urata. The vinyl edition features three sides of music and an exclusive vinyl etching on the 4th side.

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"Straight Shot"


  1. 1. Straight Shot
  2. 2. Let Me Sleep
  3. 3. Lose You In The Crowd
  4. 4. Love Letters
  5. 5. Empty Vessels
  6. 6. Done With Those Days
  7. 7. My Little Despot
  8. 8. Break Up Song
  9. 9. Angels
  10. 10. Second Chance