New Releases For February 22, 2011


DevilDriver - Beast

DevilDriver tear their way through heavy metal again with Beast, the band's fifth album, which is an exorcism of animalistic, primal hooks, death metal percussion & propulsive thrashing. While many bands in the modern era are already withering away by their second album and have shriveled up and died by their third, DevilDriver have proven to mutate, growing stronger, deadlier & more immortal with each successive release. Beast is living, fire-breathing proof of that unassailable fact.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Dead To Rights"


  1. 1. Dead To Rights
  2. 2. Bring The Fight (To The Floor)
  3. 3. Hardened
  4. 4. Shitlist
  5. 5. Talons Out (Teeth Sharpened)
  6. 6. You Make Me Sick
  7. 7. Coldblooded
  8. 8. Blur
  9. 9. The Blame Game
  10. 10. Black Soul Choir
  11. 11. Crowns Of Creation
  12. 12. Lend Myself To The Night

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