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Dengue Fever
Escape From Dragon House (Deluxe Edition)

Dengue Fever - Escape From Dragon House (Deluxe Edition)

This is the first CD reissue of the band's 2005 sophomore album which found Dengue Fever expanding their sound beyond the “khmer rock” constraints, and more importantly, writing all new original material. Adding new sounds to the mix, the band adds touches of Ethiopian beats to their Nuggets style music, this album features fan favorites such as "Sni Bong," "One Thousand Tears Of A Tarantula," and "Sleepwalking Through The Mekong," which later became the title of their DVD documentary.

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"One Thousand Tears Of A Tarantula"


  1. 1. We Were Gonna
  2. 2. Sni Bong
  3. 3. Tip My Canoe
  4. 4. Tap Water
  5. 5. Sleepwalking Through The Mekong
  6. 6. One Thousand Tears Of A Tarantula
  7. 7. Escape From Dragon House
  8. 8. Made Of Steam
  9. 9. Lake Dolores
  10. 10. Saran Wrap
  11. 11. Hummingbird
  12. 12. Escape From Dragon House (Napster Session 2006)
  13. 13. Made Of Steam (Mechanical Pencil Remix)
  14. 14. Sleepwalking Through The Mekong (Morgan Page Remix)
  15. 15. Sni Ha (Napster Session 2006)

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  • Jul 30
    Costa Mesa, CA, US Dengue Fever at Julianne and George Argyros Plaza
  • Aug 20
    Las Vegas, NV, US Psycho Las Vegas 2021
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