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Dengue Fever
Dengue Fever (Deluxe Edition)

Dengue Fever - Dengue Fever (Deluxe Edition)

This is the first CD reissue of the band's 2003 self-titled debut album. Critically acclaimed for their updated take on "Khmer Rock," Dengue Fever cover some of Camboodia's lost classic tracks from the “forgotten” heroes of ‘60s and ‘70s rock. Out of print for years, this extended and revamped reissue is a must for Dengue Fever fans, world music fans, psych fans, garage rock fans and more. This expanded edition features bonus tracks, new liner notes, expanded packaging.

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"Hold My Hips"


  1. 1. Lost In Laos
  2. 2. I'm Sixteen
  3. 3. 22 Nights
  4. 4. Hold My Hips
  5. 5. Flowers
  6. 6. Thanks-A-Lot
  7. 7. New Year's Eve
  8. 8. Ethanopium
  9. 9. Glass Of Wine
  10. 10. Shave Your Beard
  11. 11. Pow Pow
  12. 12. Connect Four
  13. 13. A Go Go (Mastered Remix)
  14. 14. Doo Wop (Live At Rickshaw Stop 2005)
  15. 15. Hold My Hips (Paul Dreux Smith Remix 2004)
  16. 16. Lost In Laos (Tom Chasteen Remix)
  17. 17. Thanks A Lot (Live At Spaceland)

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